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Feature Product - Diapason Micra III Excel Loudspeaker

   The Art of Listening to Music

Time Audio are very proud to present our new entry level speaker designed by Alessandro Schiavi.
We now have them on permanent demo and have had a lot of interest already!

They sound very colourful, open and dynamic and belie their diminutive size with the ability to follow a bass line as well!
Amazingly lifelike sound!

Excellent match with either E12 or E 7 / E1 amplifiers
time_audio1001005.jpg time_audio1001004.jpg time_audio1001003.jpg time_audio1001002.jpg
E1 Power Amplifier
E12 Integrated Amplifier
E7 Pre-Amplifier
P0.2 Phono Stage
Time Audio proudly celebrate our first year as a dealer for Diapason loudspeakers. Speaker guru Alessandro Schiavi has over 30 years of experience designing some of the best loudspeakers in the world with build quality you don't see often if at all!