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Business hours and ethic

Audio, when done properly, is the only way we can bring into our own homes a three dimensional space that was captured at the moment of recording. It is the closest yet we have come to creating a time machine. TV and film capture flat images to be viewed on a screen, whereas sound envelops us in our world. We can share the same space momentarily as the performers - They are there with us!

It is difficult to re-create the total performance captured in the recording without careful attention to how the system is put together. When done properly it is possible to get away from just background music to a realm where you are close to it sounding like a live event with all the emotion and nuances that brings.

Time Audio exists to bring you excellent products and help you put together a system that brings you to that goal.

Richard Knowles
Time Audio
As many of our customers are very busy, hard-working people we can arrange appointments for you to come to hear our products and discuss your system with you in the evenings or at weekends.

We also welcome evening phone calls but mainly tend to talk by email with our customers where we can offer advice. This gives an opportunity for well thought out answers to your questions.

Very often clients ask our advice and sometimes are surprised by our recommendations which may not mean us selling them something in the first instance. We exist to help you get the best sound in your home and will take you through a path that suits what you already have and can move to in a reasonable time frame with a suitable budget.

   The Art of Listening to Music

"You have certainly opened my eyes to what can be achieved...."
Customer comments about Time Audio:
"Time Audio and Richard has been a supportive, patient essential guide to help my system flourish. He has an understanding and knowledge that is both accurate and honest and I wholeheartedly recommend his services"