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Audio Exklusiv PS0.2 Upgrade Power Supply for P0.2 Phono Stage

Even though the power input on the P0.2 has been provided with a high quality line filter a full size power supply can be useful and may prove better in some regions or when other components in the system are very high resolution.

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In the sector of phono-preamplifiers the subject of power supplies is often neglected according to the slogan: "the current demand is so little, so a simple and small wall power supply will be enough" - or the designer chooses another extreme: storage batteries or even switching power supplies.
Perhaps one possible option is a well thought-out battery supply so that every bad influence of the mains power supply could be eliminated.
However, batteries grow old and so they change and stress the environment. This results in frequent replacement costs. Furthermore they are often, because of their high internal resistance, too slow and have to be made faster. So far, the space requirements have not even been taken into consideration. Because of all these factors we chose a maintenance-free and simple version of a power supply based on the following formula:

At the input there is a 120 watt transformer. A merciless oversize perhaps..? Normally they are used for high quality full function preamplifiers or even power amplifiers but tonaly they offer a clear advantage. The sound pattern becomes more meaningful, more relaxed and airy, the background deep black and imaging becomes more realistic.

Next, extremly fast Schottky-diodes have been chosen for the rectification, after that there is a two step filter using an L-C-chain. The filtering capacity in this case is about 60,000 F. Additionally all electrolytics are bridged with small high quality MKP capacitors.
Along with the P0.2, the package now comprises a three step filter and 78,800 F of capacitance all this for a small phono preamplifier with approximately 1 watt power requirement..!

The tonal improvement over the basic version is obvious. The ripple-free voltage supply enables more uniform, holographic and resolving reproduction, free of artificiality and the dynamics are improved.
Output Voltage: 12 V
Input Voltage UK spec: 230V AC
Dimensions: 110 (W) x 200 (D) x 50 (H) mm
Weight: 1 kg

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