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Audio Exklusiv P0.2 Phono Stage

The P0.2 is our entry-level phono stage. Nevertheless it should not be seen as a stop-gap. A lot of know-how has been integrated into this product in order to come up to our high standards and requirements. Of course the price of such a product plays a deciding role but the main demand however always remains the same: to reproduce music as pure and lifelike as possible. The most important basis therefore are, good design, excellent components and a reasonable power supply.

The P0.2 is a true MM/MC-phono-preamplifier using transistor technology with a complex and discreet difference-FET-input stage. Similar to the P2 even here we use our specialy developed DC-controller, which allows working without coupling capacitors. This solution is very unusual, especially in an entry level product but the tonal results convince. We set especial value on reducing distortion in the RIAA equalisation. Very often such compact solutions show optimisation in only one input-branch (generally MC) the other one is more "acceptable" than optimal. Our optimising and adjustment allow a similar good quality of both branches with the consequence that (the often) poor bass definition has been avoided. The P0.2 gives an airy, fast and nevertheless colourful sound pattern, which additionally shows an excellent fine and strong dynamic with great openness.
Operating ease and flexibility are of great importance. Gain as well as cartridge load impedance and capacitance can be varied and therefore operation with many different cartridges is possible.
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Frequency Response: RIAA +/-0,2 dB
Gain: 57,5 / 60,5 / 64,5 dB
Input Impedance (MC): 330, 510, 1k Ohms
Input Capacitance (MM): 50 pF, 150 pF
Dimensions: 110 (W) x 200 (D) x 50 (H) mm
Weight: 1 kg

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