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Audio Exklusiv P11 Hybrid Power Amplifier

The P11 is a stereo hybrid power amplifier. Each channel uses one E88CC and one 6N6 for the amplifier / driver-section as well as special power transistors for the output. The valves are caredfully selected in order to obtain the best possible channel balance, noise and distortion values. Should you ever experiment with other valves (tubes) you may notice that, (due to the missing selection), the sound characteristics can be modified.

The P11 is (as the P1) built up completely dual mono - this time including two 500W transformers. Each channel works absolutely self-governed and is consequently not influenced by the other. The dual transformers ensure that each channel shows a continual and ideal power supply even during large energy consuming impulses. Furthermore the P11 has an additional pair of output transistors which lead to lower impedance and a considerable improvement to output power and stability. We chose a three-step hybrid concept. Valves are excellent for voltage amplification and transistors for current. The combination of valves and transistors makes it possible to exploit the technical and audible advantage without having their disadvantages. For tonal reasons we abstained from overall negative feedback as well as from negative feedback in the transistor section, which leads, in our mind, to a particularly good sound.

The power supply is built up with RC-filters. So, in combination with a high quality line filter, most of the line noise can be eliminated the audio circuit works under the best possible conditions.

The components used have been determined separately and in cooperation in long listening tests. Non-inductive resistors with only lowest tolerances, MKP, mica and oiled paper capacitors and high quality internal wiring are only a few examples of the final selection of piece parts.

As we use them for all other Audio Exklusiv products even here the special patented measures for resonance elimination have been applied. Specially applied they considerably reduce artificial artifacts and clearly improve the demonstration of finest detail resolution and room information

Thanks to all measures we reach a best possible stability and an ideal channel separation. The result is an extremely wide-ranging, airy, excellent structured, but nevertheless emotional sound pattern, which is, above all, signed by a best possible finest drawing as well as by authority and solidity.


Output power (8/4 Ohm):
 130 / 210 W
Frequency response:
10 Hz - 190 kHz (-3dB)
Noise: -96 dBu
THD+N (1 W/8Ohm): 0,25 %
IMD: 0,34 %
Channel separation (10 kHz/1 V):
69 dB
Input sensitivity /
output level max. 8 Ohm): 1,4 V
Input impedance: 47 kOhm
Power consumption (w/o Load):
115 Watt
480 (W) x 475 (D) x 125 (H) mm
Weight: 21,5 kg
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