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Hensler Interconnect Cables

The cable:
Several highly pure, solid copper conductors, with precisely calculated different diameters are roped around a blind core. Physically the structure acts as a stretched transformer in the ratio 1:1. A very fast and low-loss signal transmission is achieved. The dielectric consists of foamed polyethylene (dk value of 1.5).
The shield:
The cable is Triple shielded, two aluminium foils form the first layer, each 50% overlap which is a 4 screen, followed by a braid made of 3 different strong copper wires which is coated with a carbon fiber and polypropylene film. This construction of the JH 88 cable minimizes the influence of the outer case and the environment.
The characteristic impedance
The characteristic impedance is 75 ohms, so the cable is also suitable for digital and RF signals. The low capacitance 56 pf / m does not burden the signal source.
JH 88 NF - waveguide - cable

Hensler Loudspeaker Cables

The JH 88 LS - cable is a braided cross waveguide cable, which also, like the 88 NF cable consists of several highly pure copper conductors with different diameters. The core consists of foamed PE, the conductor cross section is: 3.08 mm˛. The maximum current carrying capacity of 25 amps corresponds to 5,000 watts power at 8 Ohms.
The speaker cable is jacketed with a carbon fiber and polypropylene film.This construction of the JH 88 LS cable minimizes the influence of the outer case and the environment. The outer casing is applied in two layers. Outside diameter:11 mm
The 4 mm plugs are made of copper/tellurium and are plated directly, without a nickel layer.
ClearAudio spade plugs are also now available - please state which you want when ordering.
1). Hensler confirm RoHS conformity according to Directive 2002/95/EC and 2003/11/EC
     All Hensler products use lead-free tinning and soldering.

2). Junction boxes etc. can also be obtained made/wired by Hensler - please contact Time Audio.
JH 88 LS - waveguide - cable

   The Art of Listening to Music

"The sound is great, powerful, rich in shades and highly dynamic. Always pronounced with clarity, precision and almost stoic composure! Where other conductors act erratic and unfocused, as if they do not know which direction to give the music, the JH 88 duo comes straight to the point. Guitar attacks burst out of nowhere and the sound image moves like a living body that breathes! In every respect the Hensler cable JH 88 NF + JH 88 LS fully convinces and leaves all candidates to date, far behind. With an irrepressible dynamism and grandiose attention to detail the JH88 has played to my heart! Without discussion or ifs and buts the Hensler cables are now "The new reference" "
We are now selling these cables with black (not blue as shown) Eichmann bullet plugs as standard.
Time Audio customer comments about Hensler cables:
"The Hensler has found that corner of heaven I can call my own".
"Now I can hear the differences in cable and system changes and actually understand and evaluate precisely...."
Frank Robben
Audiophile Sound Art Lovers Association
Standard length is 1.08m