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Recommended by Zyx, Ortofon and many other cartridge makers as the best way of keeping your cartridge stylus clean of all grunge.

Please Note:
Zyx do not recommend the use of liquid cleaners on their cartridges as they can cause damage to the stylus/cantilever assembly.

Simply dip the stylus in the gel and lift it out again. The gel sticks to the dirt gently pulling it off the stylus. Do this once or twice during a listening session to keep your stylus in good condition and your cartridge performing at it's best.

The lid has a useful magnifying glass to check cleanliness of the stylus (please keep away from beams of sunlight!)
Onzow Zero Dust
(We also recommend the use of a good record cleaner to minimise stylus wear and keep your records in good condition).
Onzow Zero Dust

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