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Audio Exklusiv Electrostatic Loudspeakers

P6.1 Electrostatic Loudspeaker:
The P6.1 is a further development of the P3.1. It is a full-range electrostatic loudspeaker, that means the whole frequency range is reproduced by a stretched film or foil panel without a dynamic subwoofer. (In the case of the P6.1 there are 2 foil elements). Because things such as homogeneity, space reproduction and resolution can be reached in the best way with such a method we decided to use the same concept that had been applied for the legendary forerunner. The reference has of course been our legendary electrostatic loudspeakers P3 & P6. But some decisions had to be made and important points had to be improved and at the same time some prejudices had to be eliminated.

Frequency response:
A new, very complex transformer improves the frequency response which is extended for one octave downwards. An impressing low bass, dry and outlined, and at the same time a breathtaking authority is an important characteristic of the new P6.1. During development we also improved the phase progression and the distortion characteristics.

Maximum level and sensitivity:
Completely new developed panels with a modified foil (film), a new coating procedure and a greater spacing between foil and stator enable an important greater movement, considerably more level as well as lower sensitivity against dust (arcing). The P6.1 has become more resistant against attaching: even in this case there will be no damaging of the foil this has be avoided by the modified assembly of the elements.
Furthermore the 3 parts of the elements have been combined into one unit higher series stability, better bass and distortion properties as well as a considerably improved user-friendliness/service life are the results.

The old P6 was famous/infamous because of its demanding impedance and phase-characteristics! The new P6.1 however, is quite uncritical. The impedance in important ranges is always in a amplifier friendly range, and even in the high frequency area the impedance will not lie under approx. 2,5 Ohms.
Due to the Audio Exklusiv special circuit which drives delayed-action the vertical in high-range, mid-range and bass-range segmented foil, a cylinder wave is created which ensures considerably improved radiating characteristics. So you are not fixed on only one right listening position but you will have the whole listening pleasure in wider ranges.
Std price with black side panels
See P3.1 page for alternative side panel finishes (available at extra cost)
Power supply voltage: 230 V
Impedance: Nominal 4 Ohms
Power consumption: under 0,5 Watt
Dimensions (incl. foot): 1980 (H) x 680 (W) x 360 (D) mm
Weight: 53.3 kg

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