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Very often we notice that the furnishings of our living room or listening room do not harmonise with the devices of our high end equipment. Either the colours do not fit or the devices are very technical and seem to be almost like a disturbing foreign object. This is the reason why we intentionally chose a design which makes our appliances appear like small independent artworks. Therefore, besides the fine technology and the convincing sound experience, we offer to our clients the possibility to personalise their own appliance according to their special requirement.

In addition to the standard design in Star Galaxy Granite for the front with gold plated knobs we offer a wide range of further designs available at extra charge - nearly everything is possible. Even special requests exceeding our range can be realised - as far as it can be technically realised.

Please contact Time Audio - we will be pleased to advise you and liaise with Audio Exklusiv on your behalf.

Please take into consideration that every special design demands a certain delivery period and allow us to get the quotations from Audio Exklusiv. Furthermore with the order a down-payment of 50% of the purchase price is required.
Knob Options:
Gold (polished)
Silver (chrome)
Black (glossy chrome)
Black (matt)
Copper (glossy)
Lettering Options:
Star Galaxy with Gold Knobs - Standard Scheme
The following front panels are available:

  This is the standard scheme - see image to the right
Options Include:

Please keep in mind, that all these are natural materials. The surfaces or even the edges are never completely smooth and can show uneveness or even air inclusions. We try to assure as much as possible a high constant in color - but a congruence of 100% can never be reached.
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£ POA on these options