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Our very refined standard variant, a symbol for Audio Exklusiv since the company was founded in 1979. Dark granite, combined with gold plated controls. The Star Galaxy granite is similar to Nero Assoluto - a very dark grey to black - however it has an additional warmth provided by shimmering inclusions. Depending on the stone and light, they shimmer with colours of gold to copper. This gives the Star Galaxy a certain special vitality.
A high-contrast version with white, veined Carrara marble, black lettering and black controls. Works very well in a white or black area. Also the combination of white marble with chrome controls and silver lettering - the classic would be an interesting "cool - look".
A very fine combination. Slate panel - here printed - with copper elements. Printing due to the nature of the surface is not available in other colours.
This variant features the warm radiance and the relief-like surface structure of the material. Something special for the connoisseur..
Nero Assoluto, combined with silver lettering, and chrome-plated knobs. A cool Variant that works but not cold, but mainly through the granite creates a great interplay.
A very special variant that you absolutely must have seen in Natura. Estremoz with copper coloured lettering and copper controls. Looks especially great with noble, beautiful wood furniture, E.g. Cherry. Technology becomes really an orginal, a piece of jewellery.
Here are two granites: Labrador Blue Pearl, which is very striking (with blue inclusions) and Emeralt Pearl, which is somewhat subtle.
For both versions please consider that the labelling is hard to read.
Star Galaxy
Carrara Marble
Slate (Schiefer)
Nero Assoluto
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Labrador and Emeralt Pearl
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