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Audio Exklusiv E7 Solid State Preamplifier

E7 Preamplifier
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Recently Audio Exklusiv started to play with two unconventional transistor circuits which really surprised them during development.
It is amazing what can be acheived when not just using components in their standard applications. Furthermore, with time, this gave an opportunity to create a cost and space-saving layout giving you, the customer, a more affordable product.

Of course even here the power supply is an important item. Plenty of power, optimal filter capacitance and best components give the ideal conditions for a stable supply.

Another important requirement was for a modular construction:
You can chose to have the basic line-livel version, or have the P0.2 phono-board or a newly developed DAC module included at extra cost.

Further options: Remote volume control and an "S-Pack" (with power supply and mechanical upgrades).

Front: Black Acrylic with silver print.
Control elements: Standard is black anodized. As an optional extra you can chose silver anodized knobs.
492 extra for phono board
492 extra for DAC board