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Audio Exklusiv E12 Solid State Integrated Amplifier

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Technical data and dimensions

Output power 4/8 Ohm: 2 x 140 / 85 Watt
Frequency response: (-3 dB): 5 Hz 100 kHz
Distortion (10 W, 4/8 Ohm): 0,23 / 0,11 %
S/N: 101 dB
S/N weighted: 93,5 dB
Power consumption: 77 W
Dimensions: 450 (W) x 108 (H) x 380 (D, incl. binding posts and knobs) mm
Weight: 12,9 kg
E12 Amplifier shown with optional silver anodised knobs available at extra cost
Besides the sound quality and reliability, another important factor for this design, was its modular construction. This is in response to recent increases in the quantity and variety of sources.

The customer can choose between three versions of the E12:
The basic model has four line-level inputs.
Optionally you can integrate the phono board from our succesful P0.2 phono stage.
As a second option we offer a DAC-module incl. USB-board.

As always we turned our attention to having an extensive power supply. An oversized 500 watt transformer allows for control and stability in every situation. Together with fast rectifier diodes and optimal filter capacitance, all sections of the amplifier are provided with the best supply.

Further optional features are a remote volume control as well as a small "S-Pack" which contains modifications to the power supply and mechanicals. This pack allows for worthwhile improvements in sound quality.

Front: Black Acrylic with silver print.
Control elements: Standard is black anodized. As an optional extra,
silver anodized knobs are available.
492 extra for phono board
492 for DAC module board