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Audio Exklusiv E1 Solid State Power Amplifier

Technical data and dimensions

Outputpower RMS, 4/8 Ohm: 2 x 140 / 85 Watt
Frequency response: (-3 dB): 5 Hz >200 kHz
Distortion (10 W, 4/8 Ohm): 0,07 / 0,04 %
S/N: 105 dB
IS/N weighted: 95,5 dB
Power consumption: 71 W
Dimensions: 450 (W) x 108 (H) x 350 (D, incl. binding posts) mm
Weight: 12,2 kg

time_audio1050004.jpg time_audio1050003.jpg time_audio1050002.jpg time_audio1050001.jpg
As with our famous P1 and P12 power amplifiers, the E1 is well thought out and modular in construction.
It is, as far as possible, identical to the integrated E12 amplifier.
Some different value components, the omission of the pre-amplifier, relays and volume control make the E1 available as a power amplifier.

The E1 has an extensive power supply with an oversized 500 watt transformer together with fast rectifier diodes and large filter capacitance in order to attain stability and control.

Optionally we also offer a small "S-Pack" which contains modifications to the power supply and mechanicals.

Front: Black Acrylic with silver print.
Control elements: Standard is black anodized. As an optional extra you can have silver anodized knobs.

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